[OSM-talk] Freemap Mobile (mobile map application): version 3 now available

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Mon Oct 12 14:44:45 BST 2009

Hello everyone,

TBH I thought I had announced this in June but a quick search of the 
mailing lists suggest I didn't, must have been too distracted with 
organising my holiday.

Anyway, an updated version (3) of Freemap Mobile, a Java ME based mobile 
mapping application orientated towards countryside users is now available 
to download, from


The latest version is FreemapMobile_r3.zip, which is a source package. A 
binary version (.jar/.jad) is also available from the same place.

Features include:

- Ability to display Freemap maps of your current location at 3 zoom 
levels (13, 14, 16). Note that Freemap maps are only available in England 
and Wales away from the big cities.

- As an alternative to Freemap, you can display standard OSM Mapnik, or 
Osmarender tiles. This should work internationally.

- New Popular Edition maps are available at the middle zoom level (14) - 
useful for navigation and locating new paths in the field!

- You can download nearby points of interest from Freemap's copy of the 
OSM database. Only features of particular interest to countryside users 
are downloaded (currently pubs, villages, towns, and hills). This will 
only work in England and Wales away from big cities, as the data is 
downloaded from Freemap, not OSM.

- You can download Freemap specific data (hazards, path directions) - see 

- You can contribute data to Freemap, including hazards (broken stiles, 
barbed wire, cows etc), path directions and interesting views. This may be 
a possible jump-off point for the in-the-field countryside surveying tool 
I talked about a couple of weeks back. 

- You can write comments on a pub or other point of interest. This data is 
sendt to Freemap, not OSM (see mailing-list discussions from way back)

Credits are available in the source package, so if you download the binary 
package, please note:
* Map tiles are derived from OSM data and are CC-by-SA;
* The hourglass icon is (c) Mark James and licenced under Creative Commons 
* Source code is licenced LGPL generally; the MIDlet is licenced under 
GPL. See the COPYING file in the source distribution.

A lot of experimental features, which was really just me exploring the 
limits of what you can do with Java ME on an N95, have been removed for 
the moment however, as they were a bit clunky (e.g. photos). However 
revision 2 of the app retains such features (available from the same site)

Also from now on, Footnav tarballs (selected revisions only) will be 
available to download from the same URL, as well as through Sourceforge 
SVN. See


Really need to get the freemap blog up and running again. Will update when 
I have done so.


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