[OSM-talk] TIGER Addressing Import

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Tue Oct 13 17:20:10 BST 2009

Dave - super awesome.

As I said on IRC the other week, but I'll repeat here for all - I  
think dumping the addressing for all 3,000 counties and then letting  
people import them one by one will be the best way to do it.

Another random thought - should the addressing ways be one long way  
with two nodes per block, or lots of two node ways? My immediate  
preference is for the former...?

Also - the ways will be deplaced 90 degress to the road centerline to  
push them to the edge of the road I assume - but you also need to  
'pull in' the end nodes too so they are not laying on top of the cross  
streets at each end, if you see what I mean?

Yours &c.


On 3 Oct 2009, at 09:13, Dave Hansen wrote:
> Is this the most up to date way of keeping addresses?
> 	http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/House_numbers/Karlsruhe_Schema
> Well, I have some perl code that will parse the 2007/2008 TIGER data
> files.  My goal is to get the addresses imported into OSM this time
> around.  Here's some ugly sample output of what I have now.
> 	http://sr71.net/~dave/osm/tiger/sherman.osm
> I don't need any suggestions on it, I just wanted to show people  
> what I
> have so far.
> Issues:
> * I currently have the way combination code turned off.  This means  
> that
>  OSM ways are represented 1:1 with the TIGER TLIDs.
> * Some multi-segment TIGER roads have only a single address range.
>  Do we create segments for each road segment and evenly divide the
>  addresses?  Or, do we draw a single address segment going from the
>  first to last node?
> And, yes, I saw the 2009 data come out.  I'll make sure my code works
> with it.
> -- Dave
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