[OSM-talk] Changing the account that uploaded the TIGER data

Dave Hansen dave at sr71.net
Thu Oct 15 00:37:21 BST 2009

So, I just noticed that this map:


has my own street listed as unedited TIGER data.  I think someone is
just using "user==DaveHansen" as a test for edited vs. uneditied TIGER

So, I changed the display name.  It is now DaveHansenTiger, with an
email of osm-tiger at sr71.net.  I created a new account 'DaveHansen' with
my regular dave at sr71.net email.  I promise not to use DaveHansenTiger
any more.  If I do a new upload, I'll use DaveHansenTiger2009 or


-- Dave

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