[OSM-talk] RR8 editing Iceland (again)

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason avarab at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 10:15:04 BST 2009

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 6:00 PM, Richard Bullock <rb357 at cantab.net> wrote:
>> > Just a further heads up that this user appears to have posted to SABRE
>> asking for a way to edit OSM privately. Any suggestions I should pass on
>> to him? It should keep him from vandalising live data if it was possible.
> Just a bit of a heads up really.
> I've just spotted some random changing of road classificaions from old
> friend RR8 again. Some are definitely wrong.
> Can people check local edits to check to see if anything has been
> incorrectly changed?

As for what he's done in Iceland:


His latest sport seems to be adding new landuse=residential/* areas
and tagging existing place=* areas as landuse=residential. Here are
some new ones:

Adding new landuse=residential:


Adding new landuse=industrial:


Those areas aren't visible on landsat so either he's been manually
surveying Icelandic suburbia or he's copying these from Google Maps or
something similar. Since he's tagging obscure towns in Norway too in a
similar fashion I'd bet on the latter.

Then he's adding landuse=residential to existing place=* areas:

All of Hafnafjörður (a ~20k town). This includes landuse=industrial,
amenity=school, landuse=commercial etc etc and not just


And in this changeset he's doing the same for various suburbs in the
Reykjavík area. Which also have mixed landuse:


I added most of those place=suburb areas in Reykjavík initially and
intentionally didn't give them a landuse=* because I haven't been
there personally to survey them. I don't think it's adding value to
the map to add landuse to an existing place=* area when they landuse
you're adding is inaccurate for a large part of that area. It's better
to just leave it untagged and survey it properly later in my opinion.

But aside from that. Can we please block this person from editing
already? He's using Potlatch so he must have seen the avalanche of
messages in his inbox but AFAIK hasn't replied to any of them. He's
wasting everyone's time by making fiddly edits to large areas which
he's probably not familiar with, has made no attempt to work with
contributors maintaining those areas and as his only new contributions
are adding landuse areas which aren't visible in any free aerial
imagery, so he's probably deriving his edits from non-free sources.

Perhaps we should tag places=* in Iceland with fuzzy-landuse. But we
can do that ourselves without chasing after this person wondering what
he's doing.

Frederik: Can you please revert his edits with woodpeck_repair (again).

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