[OSM-talk] Older planet files (from 2007)?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Oct 16 07:57:52 BST 2009


Ciprian Talaba wrote:
> Is there a place where we can download old planet files, from 2007 for 
> example?

Yes, it's called planet.openstreetmap.org!

Note, however, that if you go any earlier than October 2007 you will 
encounter version 0.4 planet files which cannot be processed using 
today's tools. You will have to use SVN to retrieve an old version of


from SVN, and then use


to produce a version 0.5 extract which can be processed with today's tools.

You can also get a primitive history animation (only nodes shown as 
dots) from labs.geofabrik.de/history, or if you give me the bbox then I 
could make an animated GIF like the ones on 
http://www.geofabrik.de/gallery/history/. But I must admit that the ITO 
animations look best so if you get them to do one that would be preferable.


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