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Jason Cunningham jamicuosm at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 20 18:20:53 BST 2009

I worried that the use of language might prove to be confusing and the the
buildings associated with a mine should have a separate tag.
1. Mineshaft may exist but we are going to be mapping the location mine
entrances, not the tunnel leading away from the mine entrance. In the future
someone may want to map the 'way' that the mineshaft follows especially if
its a horizontal tunnel going into a hillside
2. What we want to locate, or map, are mine entrances. Mine entrances to are
mostly small and most go horizontally into hillsides.
 I assume most are too small to map as an area in OSM. They would have to be
mapped as a node.
3. There are plans to supply info on structures associated with mines as
part of the tag, notably the Pit Head. I think this could be confusing and
people would map the outline of the Pit Head structure and tag it as a
'mineshaft'. The Pit Head should be mapped separately as a building and this
should be made clear.
4. The term Headframe is used to describe a Pit Head, which is confusing.
More problems with language use. Pit Head appears to be the correct term for
the building or structure.


2009/10/20 Lesi <lesi at lesi.is-a-geek.net>

> Hello,
> based on an old (abandoned) proposal and on a discussion in the German
> board
> I have created a new proposal for tagging mineshafts:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Mineshaft
> In addition to this proposal I would like to discuss the tag resource. In
> my
> proposal resource is used to describe what is mined for with the mineshaft.
> These resources are the same that can be used in a power plant, but there
> they are tagged as power source. It's the same with pumping_rig and
> pipelines, where this resources are tagged as type. What do you think about
> standardizing this and replacing all this different tags with one:
> resource?
> lesi
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