[OSM-talk] Call for Projects on CBIT

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Oct 29 01:29:59 GMT 2009


wer-ist-roger wrote:
> I just read on the german Heise-Online that CBIT is looking for free open 
> source projects for a tall free booth. Projects have to apply till the 20th of 
> November. 
> Since we are a free and open project I was thinking that OSM should apply for 
> one of those free boothes on the CBIT. What do you think?

We have also been approached by the Linux New Media publishing house 
(who gave us two awards at last year's CeBIT) about whether we would 
like to set up a booth at the trade fair.

It surely is tempting, with CeBIT being the largest trade fair of its 
kind in Germany (or perhaps even Europe), but there are two problems:

1. Because CeBIT is so huge, accomodation in Hannover is prohibitively 
expensive at the time (even if you are willing to accept a one-hour 
commute). This means that any effort to staff a booth at CeBIT would 
need help from the Hannover OSM community (either they do it themselves, 
or at least they offer a bed to fellow OSMers from further afield).

2. The FOSSGIS conference - the first German OSM conference - takes 
place at the same time and I expect many of the "usual suspects" to 
prefer FOSSGIS over CeBIT which may lead to understaffing of the CeBIT 

I suggest that the matter be discussed on talk-de and especially with 
the Hannover OSM community because I think it cannot be done without 
their help.


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