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Valent, Frederik,

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 9:42 AM, Valent Turkovic
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> On Thu, 29 Oct 2009 02:14:36 +0100, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> > I don't understand where the git repository comes in? I mean we do have
> > an archive of old planet files already, it's not that stuffing them into
> > a git repository would somehow magically select the region of your
> > interest from them?
> Can you explain how can OSM users then get a history for one city from
> old planet files, that would be really helpful. If this is possible then
> git repository isn't necessary, AFAIK, but I'm not the one who made the
> scripts so maybe there has to be a git repository.
> How can I get snapshots month by month for my home town from january 2006
> to present day via old planet files? Is that possible?

A git repository is certainly not mandatory, but the existing scripts I
mentioned needs this. If you don't want to create/use git for this purpose
it should be easy enough to modify the scripts to use bzipped/gzipped
extracts of a country. And if you do this change please share the scripts
:), I know that a lot of people would like to use this approach.

Frederik, we used a git repository for our Romanian extract for 2 main
1. the extract is a XML file so it should be straightforward to use a
versioning system to take care of the history.
2. space constraints: the Romania history from late 2007 to the present is
around 5GB in .gz format, and the whole git repository has 480MB, and this
includes the latest extract, unpacked (260MB), so it's a big improvement.

Valent, how you can get older data is explained very well by Frederik and
Grant in this thread on Talk:
To be more specific, I used the following revisions of the scripts to get a
pre 0.5 extract in the current format:
- r4779 for osm-extract
- r4778 for planetdiff
- r4835 for conv05

Once you have the country format you can use osm2pgsql to insert data in the
database, and you can filter the data to a specific box that will fit your

Hope this clear some points and wil get you started,
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