[OSM-talk] OpenJUMP supports live GPS with OSM data now

Jukka Rahkonen jukka.rahkonen at latuviitta.fi
Wed Aug 11 14:34:44 BST 2010


OpenJUMP GIS (http://openjump.org/) is about to get a brand new live GPS
extension. I did some testing with the rc4 version and wrote some lines with
screen captures into

Some features:

- Unlike GPSD based solutions like JOSM livegps plugin, OpenJUMP GPS 
extension works with Windows
- Nothing OpenStreetMap specific included. OpenJUMP can open shapefiles
and read data from PostGIS database. OSM shapefiles from Geofabrik or 
Cloudmade can be used as such, as well as OSM data imported into PostGIS
database with osm2pgsql.
Also the new 'tags' column of hstore datatype is supported and therefore 
all the OSM tags can be accessed by OpenJUMP if the PostGIS import has been
done by using the -k option
- OSM can combine OSM data with anything else that can be converted into
shapefiles or PostGIS, including data from all the various OSM forks
we may have :)
- Georeferenced images and WMS services can be used together with vector

- Not suitable for OSM editing. Edits can be saved into shapefiles and 
with some struggle converted into osm format with tools like ogr2osm.py 
for further processing with JOSM but it's tricky. So no, OpenJUMP is 
not an OSM editor.
- No routing. Osm2pgsql brakes the topology and even there has been some
pgrouting plugin for OpenJUMP I would believe it won't work well with 
OSM data. Some kind of a workaround is to download route from Cloudmade
in gpx format, convert it to shapefile and add then as a new layer 
into OpenJUMP map.

-Jukka Rahkonen-

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