[OSM-talk] Enough is enough: disinfecting OSM from poisonous people

Apollinaris Schoell aschoell at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 19:22:22 BST 2010

> What are your ideas? How should we block people? For how long? What process
> should it be? What are the best practices from other projects you're
> involved in?
agree 99% with all of this posting and the only part is this. osm has open
in the name and there is no need to block people.
Everyone capable of subscribing knows also how to filter certain names.

the real question is how to move forward as fast as possible and get the
whole license discussion out of our mind. As several asked already let's
open the vote for old accounts to dual license and get a strong vote for a
license. as soon as a decision is final most of the poisonous people will
leave. I think we can easily accept loosing a handful of poisonous people
because all others will spend less time dealing with them and be more
sure some will continue but then it's definitely time to think about
blocking them.

thanks for writing this post. I am getting tired too of these endless

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