[OSM-talk] Let's prepare to Fork OSM to a CCBYSA 2.0 continuation

Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 22 11:08:02 BST 2010

  Instead of just moaning about the Odbl, let's stark working on a 
future without Odbl. So let's do our best to convince as many mappers as 
possible to not accept Odbl, reopen registration to people who want to 
contribute under CCBYSA2.0 terms, and put pressure on OSMF and others to 
tell them that if they decide to go the Odbl way, they will loose us and 
also be faced with a fork.

This is not for legal-talk, because it should not be about why we don't 
want the Odbl, but what WE can do to stop it and continue working under 

This means we have to find a new domain, new servers, and get the 
usernames/passwords copied so people can login to the CCBYSA 2.0 fork 
without new registration.

I put up a wiki page with a few points here, please contribute:


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