[OSM-talk] Unsetting CT flag

Matthias Julius lists at julius-net.net
Wed Dec 8 11:16:10 GMT 2010

On Wed, 8 Dec 2010 21:45:14 +1100, Andrew Harvey
<andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com>
> I've decided to just ignore the CTs for now, and continue to operate
> under CC BY-SA. Others are doing this to, and you could too, assuming
> you haven't agreed to the CTs and you don't actually plan to sit
> around after the complete license transition. I'm yet to hear from
> anyone in my local community who is vocal against this practice so I'm
> not inclined to stop.

Exactly.  If you are not forced to upload under the new CTs (e.g. your
account was created before they were mandatory for new users and you have
not voluntary agreed to them) there is no harm in continuing to upload your
data (unless you have a problem with CC-BY-SA, of course).  As has been
stated numerous times there will be a last CC-BY-SA planet file with all
data before the data is relicensed.  Your data won't be lost if you don't
agree to the new CTs.


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