[OSM-talk] Nanomaps

Stella Laurenzo stella at laurenzo.org
Tue Dec 14 03:04:55 GMT 2010

Hi all -
I recently had need of a JavaScript map library that was small, efficient
and worked across touch and click devices.  I started the nanomaps project
to address this need.  It's still at a pretty early state, but it supports
the following:

   - OSM tiles
   - Continuous zoom
   - Scroll wheel
   - Touch gestures
   - "Declarative map content"
   - 5KB download

I haven't tested on IE or Android yet but supporting them should be
relatively easy.  There are also some improvements that I need to make to
the rendering logic for transitioning between native zoom levels more
smoothly and averaging the touch gestures ahead to improve perceived scroll
performance on the iphone.  I'll be working on some more demos later.  Watch
the github repo if you'd like to be kept up to date on enhancements.

Given that the OSM tiles are the obvious first choice for the maps, I
thought some of the people hanging out here might find this project useful.
 Here's the info:

   - GitHub: https://github.com/stellaeof/nanomaps
   - Demo: http://stellaeof.github.com/nanomaps/demo/demo.html
   - Api Docs: http://stellaeof.github.com/nanomaps/apidocs/

It's explicitly trying not to be a do-everything map library, just something
for all of those cases where you need a map and no frills access to put
interactive bits on it.

- Stella
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