[OSM-talk] Objects versions ready for ODbL

Fabio Alessandro Locati fabiolocati at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 09:36:19 GMT 2010

Hi guys :),
I've written a tool to check the amount of object versions available
for relicensing.
You can find the data here: http://repo.grimp.eu/osm .
At the moment, only Europe is there, but I have a couple of computers
working while I'm writing to make available all the other countries
too ;).
Each nation is in it's continent folder, and has two files '_status'
and '_not_accepted'.
The first one is a quick summary of the actual situation of that
country, while the second is an ordered list (based on the versions
they own) of the people who have not already agreed with CT/ODbL.
You can find the same two files for each continent too ;).

PS: There are two known bugs:
- Cyprus seems to have 0 edits (I think this is a problem with CM polygon;))
- Ireland and Europe miss of the last two lines of the _status file.
The problem is somewhere in the Irish list (I guess a user has a name
that my script does not appreciate), but is transfered also to the
Europe one.
Fabio Alessandro Locati

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