[OSM-talk] Objects versions ready for ODbL

David Murn davey at incanberra.com.au
Mon Dec 20 23:52:17 GMT 2010

On Mon, 2010-12-20 at 19:00 +1000, Stephen Hope wrote:
> On 20 December 2010 12:53, David Murn <davey at incanberra.com.au> wrote:
> > Because of the impossibility to be able to distinguish whats what, any
> > user who has ever made a change in this situation will have to have all
> > their edits removed from the system, to avoid any possibility that one
> > edit might infringe the rights of another source.
> Well, no actually.  In my case I've been around doing this for long
> enough that a lot of my work was from before nearmap showed up.  And
> even after then, I've kept a good record of what I did with and
> without them, in the changeset notes, and also because I know where
> I've been, and what I did while editing those areas.  If I'm unsure,
> I'd throw it away, but I've got a lot of good data I'd like to keep.

So, can you tell from every edit you did, whether you used nearmap as a
reference while doing the edit?  If so, you must be one of the very
small percentage of people who tagged 100% every change they made,
including even just shifting a node or realigning a single node on a
way.  Also as I said, its fine knowing where youve been, I know where
Ive been too, from my GPS traces.  However, when I used GPS traces, I
then used nearmap imagery often to improve the accuracy of my mapping,
so even data i have GPX traces of, I cant be sure whether or not I have
improved the accuracy of it with other sources.

This means that if you have even one single node moved in your edits,
based on a nearmap image (unless you can find exactly what node that is
and exclude it) you dont have the right to relicence 100% of your
contributions.  This is my problem.  Sure, I can say all edits before
nearmap became available can be relicenced, but like many others, the
fact that Ive used a source like this, means I would be in breach of my
licence to NearMap if I agreed to the CTs.  As OSM and OSMF have no
direct care or concern with whether I breach my agreement with a 3rd
party, they have no interest in protecting nearmaps rights or the rights
of any other group who have shared CC-BY-SA data with the project.


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