[OSM-talk] Wine Farm and Wellness Spa Tagging

Ian Mc Shane ianmcshane at live.co.za
Mon Feb 1 04:58:48 GMT 2010

I agree with what your saying Steve.  I will update the few I have done in 
line with what you are saying.

What is the proposal process in getting an icon to render the wine tasting 
tag on mapnik?


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> On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 2:54 AM, Ian Mc Shane <ianmcshane at live.co.za> 
> wrote:
>> I spoke to some people on IRC #OSM.  We came to the conclusion that for a
>> building that is selling wine and doing wine tasting the following would
>> apply:
>> name=XYZ
>> shop=wine
>> tasting=yes
>> building=yes
> I think the more important distinction would be between "cellar doors"
> and other wine shops. A wine shop in the city could do wine tastings.
> A renderer would want to be able to readily distinguish between that
> and a vineyard that sells its own wine. Maybe an extra "winery=yes" or
> something.
> I had a quick look in osmdoc and was surprised to see very little use
> of any winery tags, but maybe I didn't think of the right ones to
> check.
> Steve

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