[OSM-talk] If you want to help with OSM, and dont know what to do, help out with the Kosovo and Albania project

malenki osm_ at malenki.ch
Mon Feb 1 17:46:13 GMT 2010

jamesmikedupont at googlemail.com wrote:

>There is a reason I split them up by streets and not by node count,
>it is to avoid lonly points with no streets like this :
>that whole section of the map is full of points with no streets.

Changeset 3760931 and my next one belonged to the big import I tried
and failed with since someone else made edits in that region. Thats why
I am asking for a revert some threads above. I had splitted the files
with osmcut-hash, the only tool I had found so far working for me.
I was working on that before the collaborating wiki-page and your
script for splitting showed up.

Now I will do smaller chunks using the splitted files now available at


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