[OSM-talk] Fwd: Nav4All navigation shut down by Navteq

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Feb 3 15:32:19 GMT 2010


Dave F. wrote:
>> The commercial maps have fixed tagging schemes, minimum quality 
>> standards and only accept trained personnel as mappers. They have long 
>> turnaround times and cost a lot of money to maintain. At OSM we have no 
>> fixed tagging schema, *no minimum quality standards*
> & you see that as a positive? Did you mean to write it that way?

I was assessing the pros and cons of either side. Not having minimum 
quality standards is a "con" on the OSM side, but the super fast 
turnaround times which I mentioned next are a "pro" that would be killed 
by introducing minimum quality standards. You can have one of them but 
not both.

>> So, yes, in my eyes the approach is really "take it or leave it", and if 
>> someone decides he'd rather use TeleAtlas or Navteq then by all means, 
>> let him do it. I don't know why Dave F finds this "VERY disillusioning"; 
>> what was his illusion then? 
> A regular here (Foundation member?) said that OSM would perceived to be 
> a success when someone like Google used OSM data.

That was surely a very personal statement. Remember, Foundation members 
are known to hold extreme views. Luckily they are outnumbered by 
non-member mappers by about 1:500 ;-)

> But the routing/tagging of OSM doesn't fit anything at the moment.


> Whether the map use is to make money or not , if these ventures aren't 
> taking the data because it's unusable then OSM has to be considered to 
> be failing. Again, disillusioning.

I think the single most important reason why some ventures don't, and 
will not, use OSM data is not the quality but the license. ODbL or no ODbL.


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