[OSM-talk] In-vehicle tracking and editing software for tablet computers?

Sam Wilson sam at archives.org.au
Fri Feb 5 03:12:59 GMT 2010


Does any one have any ideas about what programs I could use on tablet
computers in vehicles for navigation and tracking, and possibly editing?

The situation is this:

We have a fleet of 15 or 20 vehicles traveling all over the state (Western
Australia), each equipped with a tablet computer with a GPS and 3G modem
(coverage for the latter is patchy).

I need to track where they go, primarily; that's not really anything to do
with OSM, I realise.

However, the users also need to draw maps of various things (gates, creeks,
power poles, fire tracks, etc.).  And they already use various sorts of maps
for navigation (from printed street directories to Google Earth).

What I'm looking for is something -- I'm playing with Traveling Salesman at
the moment -- that could combine all of these things, navigation, tracking,
and editing.

Any ideas?

The annoying thing that I keep coming up against is the fact that the system
needs to work offline for days at a time.

I just thought I'd ask here, as if I can get this thing going well then it
could be a good source of map data for out-of-the-way parts of WA.


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