[OSM-talk] Mapnik shows pubs but no nightclubs

Tirkon tirkon33 at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 7 14:16:32 GMT 2010

John Smith <deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com> wrote:

>On 7 February 2010 22:05, Tirkon <tirkon33 at yahoo.de> wrote:
>> Thanks for your answer, John. I found this site already before. The
>> problem is, that one needs insider knowledges, to send a ticket. I do
>> not have any clue, what to choose under "type" and "ticket
>> properties". What is i.e. "task", "xapi", "applet" etc. etc.
>All you had to do was look down the list a tad further "mapnik"

I was not sure, weather "mapnik" itself or one of the other things
i.e. xapi, applet etc. are responsible for that, what is shown in the
map, even cause I have to write english only a few times a year and
perhaps once a year have spoken it. This together with the lacking
knowledge of that stuff makes one quite unsure.

>I'd set the type=enhancement and priority=trivial, everything else can
>be left as is.

Thanks, this will help :-)

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