[OSM-talk] Use of OSM data by the military and/or intelligence services

Tirkon tirkon33 at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 7 15:12:27 GMT 2010

Martin Koppenhoefer
<dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:

>AFAIK our current license offers our data for everyone who attributes
>correctly, but I'd like to raise the issue of malicious use of our
>data by governmental organisations. What do you thing about setting up
>a paragraph that prohibits the use of our data for military and
>intelligence services? Not that I'm hoping this would seriously
>prevent the use in case we have useful data to them, but still it
>would be a statement.

I do understand, that OSM-people will not be responsible for malicious
use, possibly death of innocent humans caused by them or their work.
But this could be caused also by you, if you buy something and thus
support a person, who will be able to harm with that benefit. Thus
nobody can really avoid things, that will harm other people in any

The second thing is, that the military is also involved in
humanitarian projects as well (i.e. New Orleans or deescalation
projects). There will nobody be able to distinguish, where the good
will end and the bad will begin.

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