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It would certainly make sense to me to have the land cover and the land use as separate tags, not dependent upon each other.

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I have been noticing this.  My theory, not yet confirmed by actually
looking at the data, is that this is due to tags on polygons from the
massgis open space or similar import.  I think there are parcels that
have tags like landuse=reservoir, and this means that those parcels are
used for reservoir protection, and then there is an actual reservoir
inside somewhere.  I am not currently thinking there is a rendering bug,
but a data bug, and probably a bot edit will be in order to fix this up.

There's a similar, more complicated situation.  In this case I've been
there and the aerial imagery is definitely accurate.


There's a further, harder, issue lurking which is that we have landuse,
natural, and leisure=recreation_ground, and these are all not orthogonal
and kind of messy.  There are several separate issues:

  the legal status and broad use of a parcel

  use of specific sub-parcel areas

  the land cover (trees, open, water)

I think it would be useful to have landuse and landcover be separate.

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