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> Ok , nice idea,
> But Denver ...???!!?? Why Denver..of all places....
> And House numbers ??? Who needs a house number in Denver ?
I believe a lot of people asked the same questions about Haiti BEFORE the
earthquake. I don't think we need to have a real need for specific data in
order to add something on the map. We should have fun going out and map,
like Steve and everybody from Denver will do in order to add the house
numbers, or just trying to create the best map in the world ;).

> I would suggest something like Vancouver
> and try to locate all the Olympic Locations !!!
> What about important touristic regions : Yogi Bear Parc
All great ideas, and you should make sure to add these to the proposal page.

> Let's be inspired by the news events !
But not only. Let's keep in mind that things like Gaza strip or Kibera maps
did not make the news before the mapping started, but they are incredible
useful for the people living there.

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