[OSM-talk] Fun with duplicate nodes

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Feb 10 10:11:15 GMT 2010

We have a bit of a push on at the moment to eliminate duplicate nodes  
- i.e. where there's erroneously two nodes in the exact same place,  
which should be a single node so they're joined.

== Identifying duplicate nodes ==

Some of you will have seen Matt's map, which shows "dupes" and is  
updated almost instantly:

I've just added a bunch of dupe-fixing features to Potlatch. So when  
you've used Matt's map to identify some dupes, click 'Edit in  
Potlatch' and sign in as per usual.

Now click the way with the dupes in. It should be pretty obvious which  
ones they are. :)

== Fixing duplicate nodes ==

To fix an individual node, select it and press J (for "join"). This  
will delete the duplicate nodes and replace them with this one.

To fix all the dupes in the current way, select the way and press J.

To see what the dupes are, you can use the Inspector (in the Advanced  
menu, or press I).

== Other stuff ==

I've also added a feature to "unjoin" junctions. (I think JOSM users  
call this "unglue"). This is, logically enough, shift-J.

And this really is the last major improvement to Potlatch 1.x before  
2.0, except for one more thing that's coded but not announced yet. :)


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