[OSM-talk] New OSM GeoData License Status

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Wed Feb 10 14:09:42 GMT 2010

Op 10-02-10 14:57, Richard Fairhurst schreef:
> Michael Collinson wrote:
>> At the moment, we are trying to address some concerns raised by OSM and
>> OSMF members about the new Contributor Terms.  These have been slightly
>> modified and the latest version can be seen here
>> http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/License/Contributor_Terms
> This is much better. Really pleased to see this.

a contributor (whether using a single or multiple accounts) who has 
edited the Project in any 3 calendar months from the last 6 months (i.e. 
there is a demonstrated interest over time); and
has maintained a valid email address in their registration profile and 
responds within 3 weeks.

Does this mean that an active contributor is such without an OSMF 


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