[OSM-talk] Cyclone batters Cook Islands - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Thu Feb 11 11:41:46 GMT 2010

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> Here is an interactive map:
> http://dma.jrc.it/map/?application=GDACS&bbox=-172.5:-30.8:-152.5:-10.8
> Here is the KML layer :
> http://www.gdacs.org/xml/install_gdacs.kml
> which is a reference to :
> http://www.gdacs.org/map/kml.asp
> can be converted to osm :
> gpsbabel -i kml -f kml.asp  -o osm -F pat.osm
> And the file looks like this:
> http://img268.imageshack.us/i/screenshot3mt.png/
> The osm file is here:
> http://filebin.ca/uwvphw/pat.osm

I don't want to pour on your enthusiasm but the KML data is not that useful
in the first place (cyclone information). There is no point in rushing in
importing data that we haven't at least evaluated a bit. It is not because
it is technically feasible that it is reasonable to do so.
Leaving an osm file available somewhere is just a potential disaster with
people loading it without checking what the information is all about. We
should not confuse urgency and rushing.
Furthermore, even if the information was useful in OSM, it is not clear what
the licence is in the first place.
I am all for helping mapping areas that really need help, as Haiti has
proved it (the work is absolutely wonderful). But, if we rush on the first
data available, we will be offering a disservice in the end, with no use to
anyone, since the work has been precipitated. We have to apply some
judgement in the end in order to do a very good job.

Emilie Laffray
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