[OSM-talk] Two different ways with the same nodes?

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Thu Feb 11 21:21:59 GMT 2010

> Stefan Pflumm wrote:
>> this ways are all highways.
> It surely is unusual for two highways sharing the same nodes, and I
> cannot think of an example where this would make sense. But that doesn't
> mean there is none; can you give an example?

  One example is US TIGER imports at county lines - the same road would 
appear twice in the data, with one road connecting left to one county, and 
the other road connecting right to the other county.   When cleaning up 
county TIGER boundary areas, the correct action is to delete one road and 
connect both left and right roads to the remaining road.

   It is possible that someone (a bot?) didn't notice duplicate roads and 
just merged duplicate nodes, resulting in the case illustrated here.

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