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Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 08:48:55 GMT 2010

One idea is to leverage IRC power, by having an international channel,
where any language is permitted.
And people can respond & live translate, and people can get their answer.

Having this IRC weblink directly on the feedback box will help a great deal.

Many have abandoned this talk@ list because IRC is more efficient.
(kind of like twitter, but the useful version)
and it could be better with more languages permitted.


On 2/20/10, SteveC <steve at asklater.com> wrote:
> On Feb 20, 2010, at 11:20 PM, Frederik Ramm wrote:
>> Hi,
>> SteveC wrote:
>>> Wrong. Map bugs. Did you read my post Fred ? :-)
>> So you meant to integrate uservoice.com instead of integrating
>> openstreetbugs? But can their system tie notes to map locations?
> Well I'll go further.
> openstreetbugs is basically there but has a crappy UI. It needs to be
> 1) click 'feedback' or 'problem'
> 2) enter problem
> 3) click ok
> the extra step of clicking where the problem is should not happen, we should
> get that from the bbox or center point plus zoom. So with some changes I
> think we can integrate OSB and expose it front and center to help fix up the
> bugs.
> I think in an environment where every other map on the planet is trying to
> hide their bugs, we should expose ours and fix them quickly while showing
> everyone what they got wrong.
> As for your comments about people entering bugs and feature requests we
> can't handle... look. I understand it's a case of matching requests to
> people who can be bothered to do them. And I understand that people here
> today can't be bothered to fix most of the things that are wrong in OSM
> because we're all happy to work around them... but it's bonkers to be
> dismissive about 'granny' because it's all those grannies out there who are
> going to help us fix this map.
> If I think about all the people who can help today in OSM, I immediately
> think of my brothers and sister, my parents and so on... and the only way is
> if we go through a big complicated loop with walking papers. A bug system
> like the above should be where we're headed. It will make so many more
> people help us, and we will be able to fix so many more things.
> So as for features and software bugs... I think we should turn up the volume
> of the people who want things changed. One, we might learn something about
> what the users actually want (because trac is a poor, poor reflection) and
> two... look we should be the first people to welcome input on what people
> think we should do. We can't all hide in our basement and hack on Java any
> more. We have to help these people who are crying out for it.
> I'll add two more things
> 1) Using "google insight" (bing for it) and many other tools it's very very
> clear that the german community is by far and away huge. That's wonderful,
> but we don't have Germans all over Europe and the US - we need these tools
> out here Frederik to help us fix the map.
> 2) We have to be very clear that the openstreetmap.org website is _awful_.
> Horrendous. A total PITA. We're all here because we're persistent with it.
> But the wonderful thing is - we don't have to make the tools and site easy
> to use if we can expose a simple bug system. It's very clear that nobody can
> convince Richard to actually write something any muggle would really want to
> use, you can scream at him to finish the mythical Potlatch 2 all you want,
> but he doesn't give a shit and lives on a boat in bliss. That's his choice,
> and it's totally fine, but if we all feel that way then we have to deal with
> the downside that every single day we lose tens of thousands of edits
> because of that monopoly on bad UI. All I'm suggesting is we sidestep the
> problem and connect people who can report a map bug but can't be bothered to
> deal with pain and suffering of potlatch with the people who can deal with
> it, at least until Richard gets his act together and stops fixing every
> stupid thing in the old codebase. You have to take a step back here and
> realise what we're missing out on.
> Yours &c.
> Steve
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