[OSM-talk] Mapping streets as areas - can I do it now?

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Tue Feb 23 06:22:25 GMT 2010

Colin Marquardt wrote:
> 2010/2/21 Niklas Cholmkvist<towardsoss at gmail.com>:
>> I live in a place where I feel the need to map some streets as areas. If
>> I start a little of such mapping, will routing software get confused?
> Since I haven't seen it linked here yet, take a look at that area
> (both ways for routing and areas for the looks and the detail):
> http://osm.org/go/0MBdE4AA (Rossleben, Germany - not my work I should say.)

It has been said many times now. We need to be ABLE to map both levels of 
details. The current consensus does seem to support adding the fine area detail 
to a nominal routing way, but there are still many holes where intersections 
between foot, bike and vehicle traffic needs a more complex 'tree' of ways, 
which some people still think are best 'mapped' by more complex tagging on a 
single way. There is currently no consensus on some of the break points between 
single complexly tagged way, and set of linked ways with much simpler generic 
tags. Personally I feel ALL should coexist, with some logic being able to be 
applied to low level fine detail, which is simply complemented by alternate tags 
on a core way at lower zoom levels. When zooming in, a '4 lane road' should 
become 4 individual ways before coming an area with fine detail of lane 
markings, hard shoulder, and central reservation.

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