[OSM-talk] How inaccurate was the mapnik distance/scale marker?

Egil Hjelmeland privat at egil-hjelmeland.no
Wed Feb 24 13:42:07 GMT 2010

Dave F. wrote:
> Excuse my ignorance, are you saying that it's 2x inaccurate at all 
> zoom levels?
At lattitude 60: yes.

> So one of the mapnik guys could implement it quite easily then?
I don't think it is related to mapnik. It is the javascript code served 
by the web-site that wraps up the map rendered by mapnik, osmarender or 
what so ever. It is part of the javascript code running in your browser 
which handles panning, zooming and selection of map-layer. If you are 
thinking of the map on openstreetmap.org, that would have be done by the 
maintainers of that site.
> Cheers
> Dave F.
Egil H

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