[OSM-talk] will walkingpapers printed on black and white work?

Michal Migurski mike at stamen.com
Sat Feb 27 05:21:24 GMT 2010

On Feb 26, 2010, at 2:55 AM, Simon Hewison wrote:

> I've found that it doesn't work too well if the scan is a low
> resolution, and it can't cope with PDF scans. Sadly, this means that  
> the
> nice HP 9000 multi-function printer at work doesn't really work for  
> it,
> despite it being A3.

Interesting, I've been treating PDF uploads as errors, essentially. =)  
I wasn't aware of printers that spoke PDF instead of JPEG/TIFF. If  
this is a common problem I can look into ways of handling it. So far  
most of the image libraries I've been using don't really handle the  
complex postscript of PDF at all.


michal migurski- mike at stamen.com

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