[OSM-talk] [OSM-dev] OSM front page design concept

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Feb 28 10:24:54 GMT 2010


Tirkon wrote:
> Possibly I am too much in a science fiction. But I could imagine the
> OSM homepage as a kind of WMS-service with a user-configurable map. A
> menue will take control, which items are shown, highlighted, four
> color theoremed [1] i.e. urban quarters of a town (with one quarter
> highlighted). Thus the cycling-map, the public transport (ÖPNV Karte),
> the features of openstreetbrowser and all the other special maps could
> be integrated, configureable with much more precision as provided by
> these maps i.e. show only streets, motorways, motorways and rivers
> etc. 

What you are describing is the "web map to end all web maps". It is a 
natural tendency for many in the IT industry to always try and 
generalise ("if I add this and make that configurable, then the same 
backend could be used to do all these things...").

In contrast, I think that a lean main site has a better chance of 
encouraging individuals to create their own specialist maps just as we 
have it now.

The more of OSM is centrally run and maintained, the less diversity and 
creativity the project will offer.


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