[OSM-talk] NaviPOWM 0.2.4 released

Doru Julian Bugariu j.bugariu at wad.org
Sun Feb 28 12:58:33 GMT 2010


NaviPOWM's new version (0.2.4) was released. You can get it here:


Here some changes between 0.2.3 and 0.2.4:
- implemented coastlines
- more POI types
- last.gps now saved in SAVE
- reopen serial port if open not successfully
- clock now displays NMEA time when clicked on it
- maxspeed knows now  mph, maxspeed:forward, maxspeed:backward und
DE:urban, rural, etc.
- switched to Qt 4.6.2 and MinGW with g++ 4.4.0 on Windows
- size of zoom button configurable
- fixed some bugs
- implemented some feature requests

Old map files can still be used, but do not contain all neede information.

Documentation has still to be written / updated.


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