[OSM-talk] When will bots be removed from history?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Feb 28 13:04:23 GMT 2010


Valent Turkovic wrote:
> There are some valid ideas that don't need much cpu processing or some 
> fancy coding. Just tag bot accounts as bots and offer to remove them from 
> history list.

That's an el-cheapo solution that would scratch your particular itch but 
still it would hide bots that have edited the very area you're looking at.

Having a "bot flag" would be good for a number of reasons but your 
problem would not be solved by that. In my opinion this is not something 
we can do in the API (personally I think the "history" tab on the web 
page was a big mistake, I would never have put it there). But it could 
be done on a third party site. Why not implement it?

A little better coding quality on the bot programmers' side would also 
help. It would not be too hard to split up their changes so as to not 
create changesets spanning 100s of square kilometres.


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