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Graham Jones grahamjones139 at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 28 19:05:57 GMT 2010

Hi There,
It will soon be time for OpenStreetMap to apply to join the 2010 Google
Summer of Code Programme.   This gives students the opportunity to work on
open source projects during the summer, for which they receive some payment
by Google.   It costs us nothing more than providing a Mentor to guide the

It would be really useful if we could put together a list of potential
student projects to get potential applicants thinking.   The projects need
to be fairly well defined to make it easy to judge 'success', so it is good
to have specific targets.

>From recent discussions on these lists I have identified the following
possibilities so far:

   - Develop a stand alone 'Newbie'/'Introductory'/'Lite' Editor - the
   priority is ease of use rather than functionality.
   - Help with the development of Potlatch 2 (maybe to include the 'lite'
   editor functionality) - we would need to help the applicants identify
   specific targets.
   - Develop a simple 'mapping tool' for mobile phones to *easily* collect
   GPX traces, geotagged images and geotagged audio clips.  Ideally it should
   be capable of running on both Android, J2ME and Iphones, so you can have the
   same simple application no matter what sort of phone you use.
   - Improve the usability of a simple mobile phone map editing application
   (such as vespucci for android).
   - Incorporation of OSM data and traffic data.

I am sure there are other things that I am not familiar with too - would it
be useful for someone to do some work on tools to process OSM data in some
way, or are there any tasks on the OSM server itself that could be turned
into projects?

Please will you give some thought to other possibilities and either add them
to the GSoC 2010 Wiki Page (
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code/2010) or reply by
email if you prefer.



Graham Jones
Hartlepool, UK
email: grahamjones139 at gmail.com
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