[OSM-talk] Can we ditch the publication copyright issues with the Haiti map?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jan 15 21:53:06 GMT 2010


Stefan de Konink wrote:
> It seems that commercial companies do get the point...

Yes but you're missing the point. I'm all for ditching the share-alike 
hassle but until we do that, everyone holds rights to their data and has 
*not* agreed to a clause that says the data is license-free for crisis 

There are 169 contributors to the OSM Haiti data set. If you get an OK 
from all of them, then the data can be released PD. You have my OK, and 
yours, so you'll just need another 167.

They are:

chippy, Elwood, Dave Smith, ikiya, bass, katpatuka, SK53, andygates, 
robert, olvagor, balrog-kun, AlNo, samlarsen1, harrierco, cetest, 
Lulu-Ann, fsteggink, Anthony Balico, Ithaca-import, Basstoelpel, Chris 
Parker, s_Frantz, toaster, bahnpirat, IknowJoseph, rendle, Hawkeye, 
neuhausr, Zambelli Limitada, florisje, vsandre, ColinMarquardt, 
davespod, Flacus, rurseekatze, FredB, Harry Wood, Esperanza36, alv, 
dmgroom, jaakkoh, vreimer, llibre, Mirko Küster, Phil Shipley, 
RDSantiago, Augustus Kling, ceyockey, zvenzzon, XBear, Leonardo 
Gutierrez, Gianfra, rjhale1971, Fairfield, jkjk, mbuege, Tim Litwiller, 
Jochen Plumeyer, Bráulio Bezerra, tomoki, AbeFroman, dankarran, Simone 
Gadenz, mightym, Andy Allan, JP CASSOU, AssetBurned, mapistanbul, MCA, 
daveemtb, AndrewL, seejay, aude, Black_Ivory_1986, nazotoko, JeLuF, lyx, 
AndreR, WillyBeato, mikes, -jha-, prantolima, rw__, om3g4, maning, kjon, 
miozzo, BugBuster, jgc, Ciprian, Bman, bri g, stuphi, higa4, Richard, 
Bikeman2000, wambacher, STA, RichardB, Eddy Frometa, Osbornec, Luther__, 
Hobby Navigator, Quentel, simone, Mountainman2, MatWay, nfrantz0, tiger, 
imapi, Gurduloo, ALE!, harfner, Ivanovici, muffu, Grausewitz, Diego 
Guidotti, Divebalu, Islanit, keinseier, ij_, MAPconcierge, ivansanchez, 
alfa91, tcarobruce, giovand, ajeba, jamesks, comsomol, kallam, 
GrdScarabe, Mathbau, amillar, EdLoach, springmeyer, David Paleino, 
Dalkvist, nickb, Gandhi, sadam, sim, riad, pitscheplatsch, Claudius 
Henrichs, Wag, JRA2, Frankie Roberto, Cyrond, alexaforever, mdroads, 
Helder, crashi, vdb, jvbrug, fluteflute, discostu, usuyu, FK270673, 
ulfl, Tom_G3X, timothylclark, robhedrick, Rene_A, rcr, Jesús Gómez, 
Damouns, Andre68.

(This might include a few people who have mapped in the DomRep or Cuba 
as these countries touch my excerpt area.)

If you are willing to release a partial map, for example one that only 
has 300.000 of the 336.000 objects, then you need only convince the 
first 25 of these people as they, together, account for over 90% of the 
data. Of course then you have to make sure that what these 25 did was 
not virulently affected by what the other 140 did whom you did not ask, 
and any of whom may later sue one of the charities you have given the 
data to.


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