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Hello Guillermo,

We talked directly by gtalk, but I would like to answer you on the list so
more people can give their opinion.

This "license" published at INPE site restricts the use of images by people
outside Brazil. On the other hand, I got an answer from a director of INPE,
authorizing the use these images for derivative works in CC-BY-SA, and this
license has no geographic restrictions on who can use the licensed data.

Perhaps the situation is not so clear in legal terms, and there is a chance
(I think very low) that we'll have to reverse the work made over these

But in my opinion we can use the images, making the proper attribution.


On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 2:51 PM, Guillermo Sansovic <sansovic at gmail.com>wrote:

> Vitor George <vitor.george <at> gmail.com> writes:
> >
> > <span title="Hi
> > there,">Hi there,
> > <span title="Por causa do trabalho de mapeamento que estamos fazendo nos
> > estados afetados pelas enchentes no nordeste do Brasil, obtivemos
> > contato direto com o INPE, e fomos informados que as imagens de satélite
> >  do CBERS 2B HRC podem ser utilizadas para realizar mapeamento no
> > OpenStreetMap.">Because of the mapping
> > we are doing in the states affected by flooding in northeastern
> > Brazil, we had direct contact with INPE, and we were informed that the
> > satellite images of the CBERS 2B HRC can be used to perform mapping in
> > OpenStreetMap.
> > <span title="Esta imagens cobrem toda a América do Sul numa resolução de
> 2.7m,
> >  em preto e branco, e são extremamente úteis para mapear localidades
> > fora das grandes cidades.">The images cover the
> > whole South America in a resolution of 2.7m, black and white, and are
> > extremely useful to map locations out of large cities.
> > <span title="O
> > grande problema é que estas imagens não estão geo-referenciadas, e por
> > isso gostaria de perguntar a vocês como poderiamos configurar um serviço
> >  para crowdsource this work.">The big problem is that
> > these images are not geo-referenced, so I'm wondering if we can setup a
> > web-service to crowdsource this work, based on gps tracks and other
> > satellite imagery.
> > The
> >  image catalog can be
> > accessed here:
> > http://www.dgi.inpe.br/CDSR/
> > Vitor
> >
> >
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> This would be great for Argentina where we only have good resolution images
> of
> a handful of cities.
> I downloaded a couple of files and they are quite useful for mapping.
> The problem is that the license only authorizes Brazilian citizens to use
> the
> images.
> Should we ask our Brazilian neighbours to map our country?
> Is there any other way around? Could we ask for a license for OSM
> regardless of
> mapper country of residence?
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