[OSM-talk] POI Collection as a Competition

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 22:59:20 BST 2010

On 11 June 2010 08:34, Ian Dees <ian.dees at gmail.com> wrote:
> I posted this idea as an off-topic message in a thread about the post office
> in talk-us, but I thought it might get more interest over here on talk at ...
> What if we came up with a way to make POI collection a competition or game?
> Think foursquare/gowalla's "checkins" mixed in with something
> like http://www.poi-factory.com/. It could be generic enough to encompass

eric raymond has written an insightful piece on why this sort of thing
doesn't work well in open source type projects, as a chapter of this


creating competition in this way can be disruptive to the community,
by encouraging people to work in isolation, amongst other things

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