[OSM-talk] Bug reporting problems (was: Big sponsors)

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 18 07:10:45 BST 2010

Am 18.06.2010 03:55, schrieb Ian Dees:
> I mean we could point people to openstreetbugs, but it's already full up
> because people are more interested in mapping the areas they are
> interested in, not necessarily fixing bugs in other areas.

... or not necessarily interested in fixing bugs in their own area.

IMHO it's a bit pointless to think about the best "OSM bug tracking 
system ever", if you enable people to give feedback but can't enable 
them to "fix their own bugs" (e.g. with a "spot your own house and give 
it a number application" or a "cool bug fixing community") or don't have 
enough OSM mappers who *wants* to fix it.

Looking at the openstreetbugs in my area, a lot of those bugs are pretty 
old and rotten. If we have lot's of bug reports older than a year 
already, what's the use of getting millions of new ones without the 
chance of being fixed?

So the first question has to be: How do we enable / motivate people to 
fix bugs in the map - not how to easily report them!

Regards, ULFL

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