[OSM-talk] Changed highway=*_link meaning?!

MP singularita at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 14:31:27 BST 2010

IMHO the tag should contain information from what to what the link is
(like between redidential and secondary, fron tertiary to primary, etc
...), so renderers can properly decide how much important the link to
primary is - it is probably more impornant if it connects to another
primary than case when it connects just to some residential road.

Even then we would have complicated cases with some spaghetti
junctions where roads of many types connect together and now you don't
know how to tag.

I think it could be solved by some "link_to" tag, so for primary_link
connecting from primary to tertiary you will have highway=primary_link
+ link_to=tertiary (and basically it could be the same as
highway=tertiary_link + link_to=primary - both will be connection
between primary and tertiary)

Renderers could then make better decisions how to draw stuff if they
know type of "both ends" of highway link.


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