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Dear Ed an all ..

On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 3:41 AM, Ed Parsons <eparsons en google.com> wrote:
> Last week Steve Coast contacted us to let us know that he had identified
> what may have been OpenStreetMap data in Google Maps of Colombia.  We
> investigated the matter and determined that one of our providers had indeed
> included OSM data in the data-set they provided to us, once we learned this
> we removed the data as quickly as possible.

Despite the apology and commitment to Google, although our data do not
erase, this is a nuisance that discourages our community in Colombia,
it is as if we worked for them and not for the osm.

> I would personally like to thank Steve for pointing out this problem to us,
> and would like to apologise to the OSM community for the unwitting use
> of your work in this way. Although we feel unable to license OSM data at
> present, we remain supporters of the project, and we will without question
> act in a similar way if the rights of the OSM community and your data is
> abused.

In Colombia we respect the satellite images and other rights of
google, despite being a country with few satellite photographs, so the
mappers have had to draw the country on our own feet and GPS, Google
writes conditions and not to work with their images but if they use
our work as their own, this is not right.

 Google says that a vendor provided them information that they used
OSM, we believe they must tell us which that provider was to prevent
abusive trading continue with our work.

 need more than an apology from Google, we need our rights are
respected and to help us keep our data is used improperly, it is
revealed that includes the name of the supplier who abused.

OSM leader Colombia
> Regards
> Ed
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