[OSM-talk] So how *do* you get GPS waypoints into OSM?

Donald Campbell II donaciano2000 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 12:30:15 GMT 2010

I'd just add that depending on your GPS the waypoints may not be in the GPX
files.  For example with Garmin GPS devices the Waypoints are stored in the
internal memory and must be extracted using GPSBabel or similar.  The GPX
files copied off when in USB Disk mode will only be tracks.  So if you're
not seeing the waypoints it may be that you haven't gotten them off the
device yet.  In that case, I hope you haven't already deleted them from the

P.S. This is good info for the newbies list as well.

*Hi all,
 Can anyone suggest any workflow, tools, whatever to get the
waypoints that I have captured on my GPS (tourist attractions, hotels
etc) into OSM? I understand the GPX upload interface doesn't support
them. Just looking for some way to get an object in the right spot so
I can edit it in Potlatch.

One rule: no JOSM. I have a preference for online tools if possible.

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