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On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 11:25 PM, Ed Avis <eda at waniasset.com> wrote:

> SteveC <steve <at> asklater.com> writes:
> >Speaking personally about what large orgs and what they want, I think it's
> >pretty simple. Have a look at commercial data and OSM and do a diff, what
> are
> >the main things missing?  Addressing for geocoding and turn restrictions
> for
> >routing.
> For addressing, I guess it is usually sufficient to have a street name -
> the
> exact addr:housenumber stuff is not needed I assume?

The commercial street network data providers usually go with ranges per
segment to be able to route to the right block at least. Individual house
numbers - if they exist - may be a big bonus in sparsely populated rural
areas where addresses may be miles apart.

> OSM already has plenty of tools for 'noname' hunting but it is harder to
> track
> down streets which are missing from the map altogether.  In the United
> Kingdom
> we are fortunate to have the OS Locator database to check against, although
> even
> that is by no means complete.  Without such a secondary source, noticing
> that a
> particular obscure side street is not on the map has to wait until a
> dedicated
> OSM contributor happens to walk past it.  In a seemingly-complete area,
> that
> could take a while.

At least in Europe more and more reference data will become available in the
near future. in Germany, local groups have been successful in retrieving
reference street name lists from local authorities so they could go out and
map the missing streets in a more targeted effort. Here in NL we have the
imminent release of the national road database, and also the upcoming Base
Registries coming into effect, also containing addresses and buildings.
These are all (supposed to be) open and accessible. Some speak of importing,
I'd much rather see a relative completeness grid map to inspire people to go
out and visit those grids that seem less than perfect.

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