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john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 13:59:38 BST 2010

Just a comment not all the data is the map database is presented on these
map renders.  I've been using Maperitive to selectively select data to be
displayed for a particular purpose and working with the rule set to display
the information in the way I wish it to be displayed.  Working with a local
copy of the database gives you a lot more control over the display options
including what is displayed and how it is displayed at different zoom

OpenStreetMap and its tools do have a learning curve but they are very
powerful.  It's interesting to note that it is possible to use the tool set
and environment to create private maps where cc-by-sa is not available for
one reason or another.

Cheerio John

On 14 October 2010 08:07, Milo van der Linden <milo at dogodigi.net> wrote:

> Dear 41latitude,
> I came accross your blog on "critique of OpenStreetMap".
> http://www.41latitude.com/post/1310985699/openstreetmap-critique and read
> it with interest. Some points are true, others need better explaination and
> I think you misinterpreted some things.
> Basically your critique can be drilled down to 3 main components:
> *The website*
> The issues for mapkey/legend and the different maptypes are noticed by the
> community. These points are indeed not always obvious to "newbies" and might
> be better understandable by simply changing text and labels.
> *Rendering*
> There is a huge misunderstanding with the rendering done on the map at
> www.openstreetmap.org. www.openstreetmap.org is maintained by the
> Openstreetmap foundation. Their mission goals are clearly stated here:
> http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/OSMF:About
> "Making the perfectly rendered map available to the world" is *not* a
> mission goal for the OSMF. The OSMF is primarily responsible for maintaining
> the database and the services related to it.
> Everybody in the world is free to make their own online-map, but it is
> impossible for the OSMF to fund the hours that would need to be spent to
> have the perfect map available from their website for all the different
> wishes on maps that exist in the world today.
> To get a good idea of what is possible with rendering, you would need to
> investigate further. For instance, look at what Geofabrik:
> http://www.geofabrik.de/maps/tiles.html and Cloudmade:
> http://cloudmade.com/products/web-maps-studio have to offer, or look at
> open mapquest is also busy: http://open.mapquest.co.uk/
> Please compare those rendering possibilities and see if you would need to
> rephrase your conclusions on the rendering part.
> I agree that the rendering issues could be removed from your critique if
> the OSMF mission statement was better proclaimed at the "main openstreetmap
> map" since it's primary goal is to showcase what might be possible. It is up
> to map developers all over the world to make beautiful, fit for purpose,
> maps.
> *Data quality*
> OpenStreetMap is a young project, with a extremely fast momentum, unrivaled
> anywhere in the world of mapdata. Data is entered by volunteers all over the
> world and there is NO restriction as to what data can be entered or how it
> can be entered. This is the great power of openstreetmap, you are in
> control! If you feel that labels like “Departamento de Santa Cruz” are no
> good idea; suggest a new key-mapping, or fix the labels by changing the
> tag/value pairs for the particular departemento to name=Santa Cruz
> admin_level=6 and  so fort. OpenStreetMap as a whole is not responsible for
> incorrect labeling, we as volunteers are. If we come across data that is
> wrong, and we KNOW what is right, fix it.
> I hope this give you some new insight. Please feel free to sign up for an
> OpenStreetMap account and join the process of correcting what in your
> opinion is not completely right. And when you are in doubt on how to correct
> things, drop by on the mailing-lists and ask for review of your ideas. That
> is the true beauty of the structure at OSM.
> Kind regards,
> --
> Milo van der Linden
> Open Source Geospatial consultant
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