[OSM-talk] A warning about gates and other barriers

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Mon Sep 20 10:31:42 BST 2010

  On 20.09.2010 10:12, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
> M?rtin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>> I prefer asuming that a gate is closed (I tag them with access=private
>> in these cases anyway) or you have to indicate allowed traffic
>> (foot=yes, bicycle=yes, etc.)). Why do we have to have a default?
> The default should be applied by the software evaluating the data. The 
> default is not an "OpenStreetMap default" but an "application 
> default". A conservative routing engine might assume an unspecified 
> gate to always be closed, while others might simply apply a slight 
> penalty for a route containing a gate, or even assume it is alway open.
Here we come to a great possibility for software to contribute to the 
OSM data.
Wherever possible the software should provide a mechanism to add the 
data, if needed.
Of course a conservative setting would avoid gates for being sure, but 
even that could be adjustable for the user: "I have time, it doesn't 
matter to turn around at wrong data - but I will fix it then".

I think, in future we need end user software with the ability to edit 
the OSM, because mapping new stuff is much easier and makes more fun 
than to fix small errors.
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