[OSM-talk] Spanish official land register (Catastro) changes its license

jynus jynusx at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 12:45:09 BST 2011

"Catastro" is the official land register for Spain. I holds
information about every single plot and building, street, street
numbers, and lots of statistical information about them. However, it
has traditionally been quite restrictive or unclear about its usage
policy, and that is why it was not used as a source for the project.

Well, the good news is that yesterday it made and official statement
in which it changes the license to some of its services: [1]

In short, it allows (as far as I understand):
* Massive downloads from its web page (unless done badly, as a DOS, etc.)
* Downloading of shapefiles (vectorial data) and alphanumeric info of
every single Spanish municipality
* They do not allow redistribution of exact copies of their data, but
if the data is transformed or adapted in any way, *the resulting work
is fully copyright of the author of the transformation*
* They explicitly allow commercial usage of the derivative works, but
request authorship
* The only data they are not freeing now is WMS usage and private data
like property owner names

I think it is an announcement with the same impact as the one from the
French Cadastre or Ordinance Survey permissions, maybe even better, as
we have directly permission to get and use the vectorial data, updated
every 3 months.

We are yet greatly shocked on the Spanish mailing list, but if anyone
is interested we will start working on coordinating there and on the
wiki. We have yet to review the exact conditions and how to conform
with them, and also see how are we going to merge it with existing

Also thanks to anybody involved in making official data like these
more open; it seems like a license done exactly so it can be used in
projects like OSM, and I think that is not a coincidence.


[Sorry, PDF, Spanish only]

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