[OSM-talk] Overlay Maps for Hiking and Cycling Routes

Sarah Hoffmann lonvia at denofr.de
Tue Aug 9 22:29:48 BST 2011


they have been around for a while, but now that they have moved 
to a new location on a bigger server, it's time for a kind of 
official announcement for these two overlay maps for hiking and 
cycling routes:

Hiking routes: http://hiking.lonvia.de
Cycling routes: http://cycling.lonvia.de

Both maps show route relations from OSM (route=hiking/walking/foot 
and route=bicycle, respectively). They are made as overlays for the
standard Mapnik map, cover the entire planet and are updated daily. 
There is also a browser to help you find your relations and there is 
the possibility to directly link to routes, either via the relation ID: 
(e.g. http://cycling.lonvia.de/relation/27411)
or via the name:
(e.g. http://hiking.lonvia.de/route/Alpenpanorama-Weg)

For those interested in how it all works, the complete source for the 
maps is available, see http://dev.lonvia.de/trac .


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