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Hello all,

I've just send the following message to the OSMF-talk mailing list. If you
want to discuss this, the osmf-talk mailing list would be the proper place.

Hello all,

I'd like to inform you about an organizational change within the OSM
Foundation the Board has decided on.

In their last face-2-face meeting, the Board has (amongst others)
discussed what their current role in the Foundation is and what it
should be. During that discussion the board realized much of their
time was taken by day-to-day trouble-shooting issues, rather than
dealing with strategic decision-making subjects.

This let to a decision to separate the day-to-day business from the
decision-making process. A new Management Team will be placed between
the Working Groups and the Board. It wil function as a coordinator
between Working Groups. Handling things that involve multiple Working
Groups, but also identify the need for new Working Groups.
The Board is still ultimately responsible. It will delegate some task
to the Management Team. However, all major issues needs approval by
the Board.

The Management Team is formed by the chairs of the Working Groups and
the officers of the Board. Although there have already been some
meetings of the Management Team, the Board and the Management Team are
still working on the right procedures.

The Board feels this organizational change will help the ever growing
Foundation function better.

You can find the minutes of the Management Team on the OSMF website:

Hope to see you all at State of the Map!

Happy mapping.

Henk Hoff

acting Secretary
OpenStreetMap Foundation
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henk.hoff at osmfoundation.org

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