[OSM-talk] Google Summer of Code Documentation Sprint

Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Tue Aug 30 17:01:58 BST 2011

Hi All,

Some of you might remember a while back Ian Dees asked for volunteers
for a GSoC Documentation Sprint.  We applied to the sprint and were

So myself, Ian Dees and Shaun McDonald will be going to Mountain View,
California the week of October 21st to work on improving some of the
OSM documentation.

Below is what our proposal was:

"A free map of the entire world is a compelling reason to sign-up for
OpenStreetMap, but getting started with map editing can be difficult.
By having a getting started guide that can easily be translated into
many languages we hope to reduce the barrier to entry.  Earlier
efforts to make a concise, easily accessible document have grown out
of date and stale, so we hope to start fresh with a document that can
be easily translated, is useful both online and offline, and is easily
maintained.  It is important to us to end up with a document that can
be printed and used in the field, since a majority of our new users
contribute to the project while away from the computer.

Our team hopes to create documentation that can be used immediately
but also improved in the future.  This requires the ability to easily
get new translators up to speed and store the document in many
different formats.  By having this in place we can then continue to
improve the getting started guide over time and be able to recruit new
contributors more easily."

Please note this does not mean we are starting over with
documentation, though it might read that way.  We are more concerned
with compiling what is out there, updating it and have it set-up in a
way that is easy to translate and print.



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