[OSM-talk] Overpass API: new version 0.6.95

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Tue Dec 27 19:46:38 GMT 2011

Dear all,

the new version 0.6.95 of Overpass API is available. See

It is an intermediate version to make the useful features of the various beta 
versions already present on the server available as a release.

This is mostly the possibility to select also ways and relations by their 
bounding box. Additionally, a lot of bugfixes have been added.

There are still a lot of useful features that can be implemented before the 
larger version step to 0.7. Thus I expect another version in the 0.6 series. 
That version is expected to have support for JSON as an output format, for a 
more concise query language, to allow regular expressions in has-kv 
statements, and to go a step further to completely orthongonal query-
statements. I'm confident to get back to the old release velocity and to 
present that version 0.6.96 in January.

Best regards,


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